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Fitness involves activities like exercise which maintains body which actually means to keep proper health. One of the important feature which keeps the health as well as fitness maintained. Such as Proper diet and exercise leads to proper health In day-to-day life, one of the main factor these days is relationships and sex life. Sex life makes relation stronger and creates transparency between both partners which leads to the trustable and healthy relation.

In today’s life, beauty plays one of the important roles. For especially girls take care of this thought. Hair represents physical strength and properties of the person. It can be used to play a role for female seductions.
Nowadays, parents/couples go for only one child. During this period, female goes from various stages and pains due to this reason they avoid the Second child. But a child can maintain relationships stronger and avoid the fights between them, as both have to play responsibility upon him/ her. Love on that child makes them resolve the fight.

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